Prioritizing Success

Successful business strategy execution requires effective decision-making. Whether a business is improving its organizational infrastructure, its financials or seeking efficiencies through a merger or acquisition, Excelsior believes the right mix of people and resources are critical to success.

Excelsior's Approach

Excelsior's consulting services help companies effectively plan, prioritize, and execute major business initiatives. This ensures organizational resources are utilized effectively. This approach also assists in successful implementation and execution of any business strategy.

Excelsior's consulting solutions include:
  • Strategic Planning:

    We have a holistic perspective when it comes to strategic planning. An effective strategic plan integrates finance, marketing and business operations. We work with a company's management team to help align the company's financial performance and business processes, meeting each unit's goals and objectives.

  • Transaction Consulting

    At Excelsior we help businesses complete transactions by providing all encompassing services. These include, among other things, an independent valuation of the target, due diligence on the transaction and representations, compliance history and benchmarking to industry metrics. Subsequently, we assist the company to structure the acquisition and bring the deal to a successful closing.

    We provide support throughout the transaction life cycle on both the buy side and sell side, to both strategic and financial buyers.

    Excelsior transaction services include:

    • Pre-deal evaluation
    • Transaction evaluation (due diligence)
    • Strategic and Commercial Intelligence
    • Vendor due diligence
    • Vendor assistance
    • Transaction structuring
    • Business Integration

  • Business Plans:

    Excelsior has the requisite industry knowledge and expertise to develop comprehensive strategies, business plans, and quantified future projections. Detailed reports are usually required by financial institutions for new facilities and expansion purposes. Business plans and projections serve as a practical guide to achieve a company's goals and objectives in a measurable and quantified manner. We prepare balance sheets, income statements and sales projections after considering the qualitative and quantitative risk factors associated with any business.

  • Business Budgeting and Forecasting:

    To effectively monitor performance a company needs to develop timely and accurate plans and budgets that are aligned with their strategic goals. At Excelsior we help businesses streamline their budgeting and forecasting needs and provide customized solutions to those companies. We can help improve budget cycle times, ensure compliance with industry standards and reduce associated costs.

  • Marketing Plans:

    Excelsior helps businesses develop effective marketing plans that quantify marketing objectives and goals by optimizing target market identification, defining segmentation strategy and streamlining marketing budgets.

  • Joint Ventures:

    An increasingly essential business strategy, Excelsior helps companies set up joint ventures with global and/or local partners. We help prospect and evaluate potential future partners and aid in the designing process and procedures to optimize operational effectiveness and profitability.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions:

    We help companies secure the synergies and benefits necessary to make acquisition a desirable strategy. From pre-acquisition launch readiness to post-acquisition planning and execution, we help maintain a focus on the operating outcomes underpinning the acquisition approach. This includes reducing the period of uncertainty following the transaction and accelerating assimilation.